Pinteresting Workouts and a Mile Trial

by Kim on November 20, 2012

I’ve never been the person who gets bored with workouts and needs lots of variety to stay motivated. I have the opposite (and much worse) problem: I like being stuck in a workout rut. I have to force myself to switch it up.

After the Zooma Great Lakes half marathon last month, I decided to ease up on running for awhile. I was a little burnt out from training and didn’t want to start resenting the sport I was supposed to be doing “for fun.” (Well, kind of.)

So I started getting back into TurboFire, which was cool. But THEN, for the first time ever, I suddenly got the urge to try one of those written workouts you see on Pinterest. For reasons I honestly can’t express (I just have no idea why), I’d never had an inkling of interest in trying one before.

I started out with this one:


I chose this one because I recognized all the moves and could do the whole thing without looking anything up.

AND…it was pretty fun! I did 3 cycles of this, and it took about 10 minutes.

I liked that I got to power through the moves at my own pace, and I loved how simple they were. Right before this, I’d done a TurboFire HIIT workout and rolled my ankle a little during some complicated lunge-into-a-jump move, so I was kind of turned off to fancy choreography. Back to the basics, folks!

So now that I’m an official fan of the written workout, I went and pinned a bunch of them to my Fitness board on Pinterest. Feel free to take a look if you’re interested in some new routines! These are especially great for holiday travel, since most of them don’t require equipment and you can choose your own workout length by deciding how many cycles you want to do. (Maybe avoid the ones with lots of jumping if you’re going to sequester yourself into a bedroom at your in-laws to do it…just sayin.)

For whatever reason, a lot of the workouts I pinned are from Back On Pointe, so you could also just go there and poke around.

There were a couple things I was looking for when I picked these out:

Simplicity. Easy numbers (10/20/30, rather than 10/45/15) and not too many different exercises total. I prefer a shorter workout that I repeat 5 times over a longer one I do once.

Standard, recognizable exercises. I’m game for doing a quick Google on one or two of them, but if I don’t recognize half the names, it’s a pass. (Maybe this’ll change as I get more familiar with these things, but for now, laziness still rules.)

Rep-based instead of time-based. I’d rather count to 30 than stare at a clock.

No equipment. Obviously. Although I’d spring for a dumbbell now and then (and I do have a stability ball that could use a little more love).

The only thing that I didn’t love about the one above was that some of the intervals felt too short. Those 10 squats and 10 crunches, specifically, went really fast. I wanted to feel like I was approaching burn-out on each exercise before moving to the next one.

While we’re talking workouts and Pinterest, I saw this fun idea awhile ago:

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory, but you write a bunch of short exercises on tongue compressors and work your way through them as you have time. Depending on how many you have, your goal could be to get through the cup by the end of each week, for example.

In other news, I decided to do a mile trial this morning, just for kicks. I thought I could maaaaaybe run a mile in 7 minutes.

The results:

mile trial 11-20-12

Didn’t quite make it. But the first thought in my head when I finished was: I could have pushed harder. Top speed was 9.8 mph (right at the end), but I spent most of the time in the 8’s, and there were definitely some 7 “breaks.” (Ha.)

(Honest question: how do people even time these accurately? I walked a little to warm up before doing this and then restarted to treadmill to zero it out…so once it started back up again, it took the thing awhile to get to the speed I punched in. Hmmm maybe our treadmill has some fancy timing system I don’t know about…)

Well, I’ll have to give this another shot soon. I’m sure I can hit 7…maybe even mid-6’s someday?? I’m not sure what would be a realistic goal.

Have you ever tried a Pinterest workout?

What would you recommend for a good, solid single mile time goal?

(Don’t worry, I won’t kill myself-I just honestly don’t know what a good time is for women in their late 20’s.)


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