RIP Shakeology

by Kim on April 14, 2012

Somehow it’s already my fourth week of maternity leave. I have no idea where those days went!

This little dude has been keeping me plenty busy.

This is just before baby acne took over his face. He looks like a mini teenager now, poor kid.

Before I had Mason, I always wondered what it was that kept new moms so busy. I knew mothering a newborn wasn’t an easy job, but I wasn’t sure what exactly was filling those hours. Don’t babies just sleep all day??

I’m discovering that it’s not necessarily that you’re always actively doing something, but you do spend a lot of time strapped to a couch or chair, unable to use your hands, and therefore unable to do much else. Feeding is the biggest time suck, obviously. There’s not much you can do when you’re holding a baby to your chest for half an hour at a time (I watch A LOT of TV…it’s kind of shameful…). And when you have to drop everything and repeat this process 12 times a day, you find that the windows of time you have available between feedings aren’t really big enough to get much accomplished.

And sometimes, when your baby falls asleep on your chest and he’s all calm and cute, you just want to hold him. Screw accomplishing things–he’ll only be this small once!

So that’s where I’m at right now. Not accomplishing much that doesn’t involve Mason, but not really caring (well, trying to not care anyway). This is my full time job right now and it’s an important one. I know I’ll never regret the time spent with him.

However, I’m getting some SERIOUS cabin fever. I’ve tried to go on outings with Mason, but I’m not super confident yet. Last time I took him out in the stroller, he cried half the time and I ended up having to stop every few minutes to pop his pacifier back in his mouth. Not exactly fun (and kind of embarrassing when you’re passing the other moms in the park, haha). The weather’s been a bit cooler lately anyway, and super windy, so it hasn’t been the most baby friendly out there.

Don’t be deceived by this innocent face.

I also tried a TJ Maxx/Target outing one day, with similar results (cranky/lots of pacifier popping/general trauma). He still just prefers to be held. All day long. Hopefully he’ll grow out of that just a little.

Anyway, with all the attention he demands right now, I don’t take much time to make/eat actual meals during the day. It’s usually oatmeal for breakfast and granola/milk for lunch (topped with fruit if we have any). In between, I’ve been snacking on tons of Shakeology energy bites.

I started drinking Shakeology shakes several months ago as a convenient breakfast I could drink on my way to work. The shakes are marketed as a salad in a glass and the healthiest meal of the day–check out this site for info about what’s in them and how they support your body. Plus, they taste pretty amazeballs.

I’ve been doing the shake for breakfast thing for a looong time. I needed something I could grab on the way out the door (since I’m usually running late…) and I’m also not a big breakfast/eggs-and-pancakes kind of girl, so shakes are really appealing to me. Before Shakeology, I drank SlimFast shakes. I knew SlimFast wasn’t the most clean, healthy option on the planet, so I was thrilled to discover something a little better in Shakeology. I only recently started experimenting a bit with oat balls involving Shakeology.

However, since I’ve been home on maternity leave, I’ve started transitioning into oatmeal breakfasts. While Shakeology has some pretty impressive things to offer, it’s also very expensive and ultimately not something we can afford. I’ve been pretty happy with the change so far. Biggest perk:  not having to clean the blender every day!

I’m excited to try out some of the overnight oats that all bloggers seem to be ga-ga over (my chia seeds are ordered and on the way!). I also know that there are gobs of recipes out there for oat balls and shakes that don’t require Shakeology–you better believe I’ll be checking those out!

Anyway, I used up the last of my Shakeology supply yesterday on a final batch of energy bites (boooo). They were a pretty basic mixture of Shakeology powder, peanut butter, honey, and oats.  In past batches, I’ve added things like coconut, chocolate chips, and dried fruit, but the pantry was a little sparse, so I had to go bare with these.

I shaped the dough into balls and popped them in the fridge. Yum.

RIP Shakeology. You’ll be missed!


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Jocelyn @ Peace Love Nutrition April 23, 2012 at 5:53 pm

What an adorable little munchkin!


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