Salad, Cereal, and Celebrities

by Kim on July 5, 2012

Hey there! Hope you had a great 4th of July! Ours was pretty low key, but we were able to make it to a friend’s for a few hours in the afternoon. I brought this cucumber, feta, and tomato salad (a Pinterest find):


We weren’t sure how a 3-month-old would feel about fireworks (anyone have any insights?), so the only fireworks we ended up seeing were the ones our neighbors were shooting off (not so legally, I think, given our city’s current fire ban) and the ones on TV during the Macy’s fireworks show. But it was something.

My New Breakfast Addiction

I was eating these overnight oats for breakfast almost daily for a few months, since I first discovered how killer they were. But recently, I’ve switched to something possibly even more killer-this cereal.


(Oats, vanilla protein powder, peanut butter, cinnamon, sea salt, and sweetener. Shown here topped with strawberries and totally doused in vanilla almond milk, with iced coffee on the side. Oy.)

I’m on a MASSIVE almond milk kick right now. When I go grocery shopping, I buy multiple half gallons of it at a time (why don’t they make it in gallons???). If I don’t seriously watch my intake, I’ll easily put away a half gallon a day. It’s a little excessive.

Training Update

I’m still finding it really hard to get my training runs in. I miss the old days, when my biggest roadblock was laziness…now, it’s scheduling. I have plenty of motivation but no time.

And running, in general, is just harder now. It’s become clear to me that if I really want to continue to train for and actually run this race next month (next month??), I need to seriously work on strengthening my pelvic floor. I haven’t found a great postpartum pelvic floor strengthening workout online yet…do you know of any? I’m thinking I might have to scrape together my own. But I need to do something.

Some days are better than others. Last week, I had a great tempo run and was feeling like a million bucks. Yesterday, I attempted the same exact run and struggled the whole time. My legs and lungs were fine, but my pelvic floor was screaming. Halfway through, I ditched the tempo run idea and resorted to jog/sprint intervals. (The sprints still hurt, but at least they’re shorter.)

I asked my doctor about all this and he said it’s completely normal and safe to run through. It’s just going to be “uncomfortable” for awhile. How long is awhile??

Fun Stuff Ahead

Random other things I’m thinking about right now:

  • I really hope the half marathon in August goes well, because I already want to sign up for another one in October. The Zooma Great Lakes Half Marathon is happening October 20 in Lake Geneva, WI, which is only an hour away from me. The race is supposed to have a “girls’ weekend” atmosphere, and there’s a post-race party that will involve wine, massages, and shopping. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, one of my running idols, Skinny Runner, is planning to run it too! Some bloggers, like SR, are like celebrities to me, and I’ve NEVER SEEN A CELEBRITY in my life, so I think it’s time. (I know, I probably couldn’t be much lamer, but I don’t care. I’ve traveled quite a bit around this country, including most major cities, so why haven’t I ever just seen ONE? Or is it just that I didn’t recognize them??)


  • I’ve joined the Foodie Penpals club for July! This is a really cool program where bloggers and blog-readers who love food swap foodie treats via mail. Every month, you send a package of goodies to a new penpal, and you receive a similar package. On the last day of the month, everybody blogs about what they got and we all revel in each other’s incredible foodiness. I think it’s a great way to meet other bloggers and, most importantly, discover and enjoy new FOOOOD. Stay tuned!


  • Mizuno shoes is launching this new program called the Mezamashii Run Project. (Mezamashii=brilliant) They’re basically looking to get a bunch of passionate runners to try out their shoes in hopes that they’ll be able to achieve this concept of “brilliant” running. I’ve never owned a pair of Mizunos but have noticed they’re all the rage in the runningsphere right now. I’m also in need of a new pair of kicks…maybe it’s time to get on board the Mizuno train? If you want to sign up to be part of the project, click here.


What’s your favorite brand of athletic shoes? I’m generally an Aisics girl, but that could change…

Have you ever seen a celebrity? Or better yet, has anyone else NOT seen one? I swear I’m the only one…


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Jenny July 5, 2012 at 5:41 pm

Oooh, I ADORE that breakfast “cereal” – it’s been one of my favorites for about a year. So good :)


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