Scenes from a Weekend + MIMM

by Kim on December 10, 2012

Hey friends! Happy Monday.

Here’s some marvelousness from our weekend.



We woke up to white on Saturday morning, for the first time this year.


Even the most devoted snow-haters can appreciate the first pretty flakes, right?

I would know.



These were all taken through windows, by the way.

It was pretty, but I wasn’t about to go OUT in it-come on, people.

Actually, we thought about giving Mason his first intro to snow, but then we were all, “ummm what are we supposed to DO with him out there?” My best guess: sit him down, take a picture, and go back inside.

I guess we should at least invest in a sled at some point…

Christmas shopping

Something nice about 8-month-olds is that you can buy their Christmas presents right in front of them.


We made the very brave/stupid decision to hit up Toys R Us on a Saturday in December-and it was about as bad as expected. The place was out of control, and I was completely overwhelmed by how many freaking toys there were (and if I feel that way, man, how do kids feel walking into that place??). We basically put our heads down, blindly grabbed a few toys (literally all from the same aisle) and ran. VTech toys was having a buy 2 get 1 free deal, so 3 VTech toys later, we were out of there.

Christmas is coming at a great time for Mase, because he’s just now getting ready to graduate out of baby toys into more “big boy” toys (of which we currently have zero). So I would have had to bulk up the toy collection around here anyway. (*grooooaannn* I hate knowing that our house is ever-so-slowly getting taken over by kid stuff.)

Obsessively photographing my flower bouquet from Brent and Mase

It just kept getting prettier and prettier, I couldn’t resist!


Every time I’d look at it, I’d think “dangit, now it looks even nicer-better take another one.”


Online Christmas shopping

I can’t, or refuse to, remember what life was like before online shopping. There are the obvious reasons it’s awesome: avoiding crowds and traffic, not driving, shopping in your pajamas, shopping at weird hours, not having to time shopping trips around a baby’s schedule, not arm-wrestling crazed moms for the last one, etc. But there are also some less obvious reasons: you can shop around more easily, allowing you to make better choices and save $$, you can read reviews, AND you get packages on your doorstep every other day all month! Who doesn’t like packages on the doorstep??

I don’t care if they’re not for me-I still get the “what’s in THIS one???” feeling.

IMG_2042 This doesn’t apply to the boxes of Mason’s nasty formula-I still haven’t opened either one, and I’m not excited to. Although we are now making progress on getting him to drink it.

In addition to big boy toys, I’ve also been wanting to beef up M’s book supply, since we’ve been basically just been reading the crap out of his 2 favorite board books (he’s crazy about these). We have lots of books with real pages, but I’d like a few more good board books for him.

At first, I was all about finding used books (I’ve scoured the web, Goodwill, B&N, etc.), but it turns out that decent-quality used board books are sorta rare, since babies like to whittle them with their teeth. Plus, I can often get new books even cheaper through Amazon. I just discovered that Amazon has a 4-for-3 book deal that apples to tons of books, including baby board books. And shipping is usually free if you spend $25 (not difficult, especially since a good chunk of our Christmas shopping is happening on Amazon this year). Plus, of course, a quick “Amazon coupon code” Google search sometimes leads to additional offers, like the $5 off I got yesterday by sharing some link on Facebook (and then deleting it right after check-out).

I’d like to get into the habit of reading books with Mase before bed, so I picked up a couple bedtime books (brought to me by searches like “bed board book” ha) like this one:


Any other must-haves you can recommend? M’s all about the books that force me to be the most animated- not to brag, but I do a pretty mean dump truck honk.

Wrapping and a chick flick

Last night, I somehow got Brent to watch Love Actually with me while I wrapped presents. He admitted that the movie “wasn’t bad.”



This is what the tree looked like last night when I was done-this morning, within about 5 seconds of Mason entering the room, the presents were all banished to behind the tree, where he can’t really get to them. (Or hasn’t tried yet…)

Family time

I’m starting to really appreciate the fact that most of our ornaments are plastic.


I pulled the top and string off one of them and just gave it to him as a new toy. He loves it-chases it around the room like a cat.



Speaking of ornaments, I got this pretty one from church yesterday, as a gift for volunteering in the kids’ Sunday School.


Apparently, it was a Pinterest craft involving hair spraying the inside of a plastic ornament bulb and adding these colorful things (whatever they’re called). Turned out pretty cute!

What’s something marvelous about your weekend?


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Suzanne December 16, 2012 at 3:16 pm

The Going to Bed book is one of my nieces favorites! The snow pictures are so beautiful but it looks so cold/


Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome December 11, 2012 at 8:58 am

Awww… sometimes I wish we lived in the snow! So pretty! Our little guy really got into books right around the same age as your son. At that age, he loved any flip books, Brown Bear Brown Bear, touch and feel books, and the Tickle Monster book. He is SO into books now and loves to pull out a ton of them and sit in his chair reading.


Kim December 11, 2012 at 9:02 am

Aw that’s so cute! I hope Mase stays interested too. Thanks for the book recommendations!!


Jessica B December 10, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Kim your hair is so long!!

Reese’s favorite book right now is “Who Is Coming To Our House”

Okay okay its MY favorite. But she likes all the animal noises I make to accompany each page. Its about all the animals preparing the manger for Baby Jesus and super cute :)


Kim December 10, 2012 at 10:38 pm

I know, I need a haircut like woah!

Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been thinking I need a book on that exact topic. And my animal sounds are totally killer, too…I’m always looking for opportunities to showcase them. :) BAAAAAA!!


Silvia December 10, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Truly loved your blog.


Kim December 10, 2012 at 10:34 pm

Thanks Silvia!


Katie December 10, 2012 at 3:08 pm

He is so precious!

It is awesome you can christmas gift shop for him with him, nice when they are still that little! I have to hide stuff like crazy in the house and can’t shop with Anthony of course!

Happy week to you!


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