September Top Ten!

by Kim on October 4, 2012

You’re right. Technically…it’s not September.

Yeah, I forgot to do a Top Ten last month.

Luckily, time travel is possible on this blog, so it is now officially September again! After you read this, feel free to go knock out a few of those things you were supposed to do in September. I can’t be alone in this…


In case you’re not familiar with Top Tens, these lists generally include some genius/weird inventions I found on Pinterest, things I think are funny, and a few things I just genuinely (sometimes inexplicably) like. (Riveting, right??)

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1) Top Shower

(Admittedly, the competition for this title was not fierce…)


This is called the Northern Lights Shower, and the tiles change color according to the varying temps of the water.

My shower only changes color according to where the soap scum build-up is the heaviest.


2) Top Gosling

That’s right, Ryan has earned a Top Ten category all of his own.


Your options include: Answer or Answer. What else would you need??

Although I’m not feeling the handlebar mustache in that photo.


3) Top Memory Trick

For those of us who, when someone wonders out loud how many pints are in a gallon, pretend to be thinking and calculating when we’re really just waiting for them to figure it out.


A nice little way to remember how many cups are in a pint, pints in a quart, and quarts in a gallon.

(…Is the crown a measuring cup joke I don’t get?)


4) Top Gift Wrapping Idea

sweater wine

For when you want it to look like you put a lot of thought into a gift, but really you just grabbed a bottle of wine at the grocery store on your way home from work. (Hey, I love wine-win win.)


5) Top Dead-On Description of My Life Right Now



Yeah, there’s not a lot to say here. But bring me a bottle of wine in a sweater sleeve sometime and I’ll have PLENTY of stories for you.


6) Top Wish I Were There


I mean…!

I’m usually more of a beach girl, but beaches start to look the same after awhile. This would blow my mind.


7) Top Funny


Love. This.

I wonder if it would work the other way, girls imitating a guys’ pic?


8) Top Wedding Idea

Because Pinterest is basically a big wedding-idea-fest these days (this comes from a place of bitterness about not having it while I was planning my wedding), you can’t really go there without running into a few. Thousand.

we did

Assuming your ceremony and reception sites are on a 180 degree plane and pretty close to each other, this is a really cute idea.

Although I could see it being confusing…we did what?


9) Top Genius Kitchen Gadget


Does it actually work? Who cares, it’s cool! I’ve always thought the way bread turns into toast is kind Superman-ish, so it would be very satisfying to watch the transformation for once.


10) Top Lottery Win To Do

For a modest $15,000 PER PERSON, you can stay in this underwater hotel. With the push of a button, you can release fish food into the water, allowing you to attract all sorts of sea life directly into your bedroom.



Although I’m interested, I’m not sure I’d want to actually sleep there. This seems like a whole new realm of phobias.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, groggy after another Justin Bieber dream, to find a giant shark or sting ray meandering by. Or, possibly worse, waking up to darkness but vaguely remembering that YOU’RE SLEEPING IN THE OCEAN.


Here’s to September! Looking forward to October, which is definitely not here yet!

(Last chance to finish your September stuff! Wrap it up! And…time.)



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