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by Kim on February 6, 2013

Remember when I mentioned Mason’s hair the other day? Well, I’m not sure you got a full representation of what we’re dealing with.

See if you can pick him out of this lineup:Mase Mad Scientist

(Interestingly, when you Google “mad scientist,” half of the results are babies with crazy bathtub hair. So I guess this is a pretty universal problem.)

Well, my legs are definitely a little sore today after last night’s treadmill date. My plan was to watch the entire 2-hour premiere of Smash from the treadmill (running/walking/whatever, as long as I was ON it, and the belt was moving…a little).

Going into it, I felt like my chips were already down. Mason had, out of nowhere, been up from 2-5 AM the night before (?!?!), so I was exhausted.  Plus, I’d been dealing with a touchy stomach that ached every time I ate something (I’m one of those people with chronic tummy troubles, but I can usually keep it under control).

And then, because my body has a sense of humor, I got a headache in the afternoon.

But I was excited about the run and didn’t want to bail on the idea, so I decided to stick it out.

Luckily, I had a pretty tummy-friendly meal planned for dinner: Black Bean Sweet Potatoes.


I was inspired by this recipe, but took a slightly lazier approach. Instead of cooking my own black beans with oil and spices, I just bought the most flavorful can of black beans I could find. This one already had the cumin the recipe called for, plus chili spices:

beans Sold!

(The recipe says to cook the beans with chopped tomatoes too, but I was going to be adding salsa anyway, so what was the point of that? Too much work!)

All I did was wash the sweet potatoes, microwave them in damp paper towels for about 15 minutes (for 3 of them), split them open, and add:

–The canned beans, warmed on the stove (only because the microwave was taken!)

–Picante salsa

–Sour cream (I used the fake tofu-based stuff to keep it dairy-free)

I was worried about what Brent would think, since there was (gasp) NO MEAT, but he seemed to really like it. I thought it was AWESOME, and I’m already looking forward to making another one for lunch today. Best part: it was SO filling! I’d thought about making a side to go with it, but I’m glad I skipped that.

Anyway, with dinner out of the way, I put Mason to bed and got ready to hit the mill.

runbefore Before: scared.

Since I’m technically in no condition to run for 2 hours straight, my plan was to run during the show and walk/drink water during commercials. The first hour flew by—I was loving the show, and having fun making fun of it tweeting about it during commercials.


…Until I realized that everyone else was watching the Bachelor. Then I toned it down a little.

Even if you’re not into Smash, if you like music, you should check out this clip from last night’s episode:

I almost fell off the treadmill at 1:30. (Despite the fact that the guy’s character is a huge douche so far.)

I know I just raved about how filling that sweet potato was, but I still got RAVENOUSLY hungry halfway through the show and had to run up for a snack break during a commercial. I never get hungry during runs, so I was pretty surprised about that. (I would have killed for a shot block, but was so thankful for the leftover cut fruit we had in the fridge from the Super Bowl party!)

Anyway, here are the final results:

004 (2)

For some reason, the timer randomly restarted at one point—I did not actually run over 9 miles in 8 minutes. It was somewhere around 2 hours, minus some time for bathroom, snack, and water refill breaks. And 1333 calories TORCHED!

Not the speediest run in the world, of course, but I was just happy to have made the whole two hours—plus, I had a great time doing it, thanks to the show.

005 (2) After: sweaty (PALE) mess.
(With my
inspiration board in the background, ha!)

Conclusion: I might have to do this again sometime! Hmm, The Biggest Loser is 2 hours long…who’s with me??

Are you a TV/movie-watcher during workouts? Or are you all about the music?

I guess Smash sorta counts as both…


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Jen February 6, 2013 at 2:04 pm

I love the black bean sweet potato combo :)

I tend to do both while on the treadmill: TV without sound while listening to music, I need lots of distraction.
Jen recently posted…The foot- maybe an answer!My Profile


Kim February 6, 2013 at 5:23 pm

I do that a lot too! I might have done it last night, actually, except that Smash is a musical show, so I figured it was important to actually listen. :)


Britt @ A Life Worth Living February 6, 2013 at 12:24 pm

I love Smash! I haven’t watched the new episode yet because I just can’t stay up until 11, but I’m excited to see it! If I could workout during The Biggest Loser I so would! Congrats on an awesome treadmill workout!
Britt @ A Life Worth Living recently posted…WIAW: A Tough BattleMy Profile


Kim February 6, 2013 at 5:21 pm

You’re gonna love this episode! :)


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