The baby’s napping…RUN!!!

by Kim on August 10, 2012

Our son’s mullet days are officially over.





Does this count as baby’s first haircut?

He’s not partying quite as hard anymore, nor is he able to wrestle gators quite as well, but I think it’s for the best.

Because there’s really only one person who can pull off a mullet:

25538_40 And if that’s not enough, he’s also pulling off a leather vest over a grey T-shirt.

Although many still try…

mullet2Look at it blow in the breeze. And this is his GQ photo!

In other news, we now have a roller.


Although it’s exciting to watch him learn new things, I was sort of dreading this because I knew it would be kind of a hassle.

Problem #1: If I lay him down too soon after he eats, he rolls over, spits up everywhere, and then starts playing/burying his face in it. It’s lovely.

Problem #2: He’s constantly rolling onto his stomach and then crying when he gets sick of it and can’t (or more accurately, won’t) roll back.

Problem #3: He rolls over in bed but can’t quite figure out how to turn his head to the side to sleep. So when I look at the monitor, there’s just a lot of head-bobbing going on:

roller bed 2P.S. We’re obsessed with our video monitor. Pricey but worth every penny for us
(especially since M’s bedroom is on a different floor than ours).

Once I go in there and show him how to turn his head, he sleeps like a champ…

roller bed

…Until he wakes up and is all WHAT AM I DOING ON MY STOMACH?!?!

On the bright side, I’m hoping this new skill might lead to longer naps and better sleeping in general. (Lots of babies naturally sleep better on their tummies, but it’s a SIDS risk when they’re really little. However, once they’re rolling over, there’s not much you can do to stop it.)

He’s sleeping through the night pretty well now-if he does wake up during the night, he just fusses a little and goes back to sleep a few minutes later. Last night, he slept from 7:30-7:30 without a peep!

But naps are a different animal. He’s always preferred to nap in several 45-minute blocks (rather than, say, two 2-hour naps), which has been a bit traumatizing. No matter what I try to do to lengthen those naps (and I’ve tried it ALL, don’t worry), he’s awake EXACTLY 45 minutes in.

So my “free time” during the day has been divided into little 45-minute chunks of time, during which I’m frantically running around trying to get a million things done. The things I want to do (blogging, freelance projects, reading blogs, working out) have to compete with the things I have to do (chores, laundry, cooking, showering), and sometimes I’m so paralyzed by the number of things I want to tackle at the same time that I barely do any of them.

(That’s right, I don’t actually want to shower, I’d prefer to just be magically showered. Luckily, we’re only 50 years away from 2062, the year the Jetsons is based on, when my morning routine will involve standing on a conveyer belt while machines perfectly coiffe me.)

showerSeconds away from the cold blast…
Relive the memories of one of the best animated shows of our time.

The problem is that I’m not used to having to spread tasks out over several small chunks of time. Pre-baby, if I didn’t have the full amount of time I needed to do something, I’d just put it off until later rather than start and not be able to finish. That probably wasn’t the best habit anyway, but it definitely doesn’t fly anymore.

Now, to avoid the paralysis of wanting to do 100 things at the same time and having no idea where to start, I actually plan my naptime activities in advance. (I’m a tiny bit Type A.) Nap 1: chores. Nap 2: run, blog, or freelance. Nap 3: shower, start dinner…

If I’m going to run during a nap, I have to prep in advance: get workout clothes on, set out my water, turn the treadmill on, set the TV to the right channel (TLC, duh!) and put my shoes on. Then, the second I lay him down, my brain starts chanting GO, GO, GO, GO, GO.

So hopefully Mason’s naps will get a little longer and I won’t have to be so frantic during naptimes. But regardless, I really need to work on learning to use small chunks of time more wisely. Instead of thinking “10 minutes, what can I do with that?? Facebook time!”, I need to start thinking “10 minutes, time for some ab exercises!”

Any tips for me on how to best use small chunks of time?

What’s better: Jetsons or Flinstones?

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Brent Krueger August 10, 2012 at 1:49 pm

Great question Jetsons/Flinstones, I’m going to have to give the edge to Flinstones, they improvise very well for living in the stone age.


Ashley August 10, 2012 at 5:28 pm

I’m totally with Brent on the Flinstones. Wilma and Betty are way more relatable than Jane :)


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