The Curse of THE CARPET

by Kim on July 30, 2012

Does anyone else get COMPLETELY stressed out about interior decorating? Like, constantly second-guessing your decorating decisions and driving your husband to the brink of insanity?

I feel like it’s just me.

I go to friends’ houses and revel at how nicely decorated they are, then come back home to nitpick every decision I’ve ever made. What was I thinking when I bought that vase? Why did I settle for this cheap rug instead of investing in something nice? This room is too busy, that wall is too bare, this wall décor (that looked so nice in the store!) suddenly seems totally kitchy and stupid…

It’s frustrating and exhausting, and leads to dramatic thoughts like: “I need to COMPLETELY start over with this room,” “I’m only buying things from Pottery Barn FROM NOW ON,” (note: I’ve never bought anything from Pottery Barn…) and, of course, “Forget it-I’m hiring an interior decorator.”

Unfortunately, for any of that to happen, this has to happen:

money bathThis is actually pretty gross of you think about where all that money has been…

My biggest source of frustration is our living room. It has dark(ish) green carpeting that I’ve never loved, and that looks especially sad next to the gorgeous hardwood entryway. When we first bought the house, we had big plans to rip up that carpet and replace it with hardwood to match the entryway.

Of course, that hasn’t happened.

So I’ve ended up decorating AROUND the ugly carpet, which has just led to one poor decision after another. I felt like I was forced into a whole color pallet that I wanted nothing to do with, and now I’m stuck with it. Plus, now we own all of this stuff that I don’t plan on transitioning to our next house (where I’m, FOR REAL, starting over).

Oh, and now that Pinterest has taken over my life, I’m even more haunted by all the possibilities of things I can’t have, thanks to The Carpet.

For example, this is what I wished my living room looked like…

living room
Or maybe this…

living room 2

Instead, I’m stuck with this:

living room real
Gah, carpet! It’s all your fault!

The reason I’m bringing all of this up is that we just bought the coffee table pictured above over the weekend, and I was depressed because I only barely liked it, but it was the only thing we could find that met all of our criteria. (Basically, it had to go with the other furniture in the room-black-and couldn’t be wood or glass, since we like to set drinks on the coffee table a lot and were sick of dealing with coasters.)

I felt like I was just perpetuating the “stuff I’m forced to buy because of The Carpet” dilemma. And now we’re in so deep that there’s really no way out, other than to start over.

Side note: just found one more…

living room 3This one is sort of dependent on having a totally sick house to begin with…

My only truly redeeming thought right now is: “Next house!”

In other news, we got family pictures taken over the weekend by SLM Photography. The photographers were donating their time to help raise money for a mission trip to Peru that some people at our church are planning, and we were more than happy to help out (in exchange for some much-needed family pics!).

Unfortunately, Mason chose that day to boycott napping and was kind of a monster by the time we got to the photo shoot. I’m pretty sure there are zero pictures with him smiling, and maybe a few of him even looking in the camera’s general direction. Pretty standard parenting trauma, huh? I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Wow, I didn’t mean for this post to get so depressing! We really did have a nice weekend, despite the coffee table and photo shoot drama. Lots of family hang-out time and Olympics-watching (except for last night, when I had to work on a freelance article-BUT I DVR’d the entire 5 hours of coverage so I didn’t have to miss A SECOND of women’s gymnastics).

Highlight of the day today: My new Mizunos are scheduled to arrive!!! (A little too excited about a pair of shoes? Probably.)

Does interior decorating stress you out (or is it really just me)?

What’s the highlight of your day today?

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Have a wonderful week!


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Tiffany July 30, 2012 at 6:00 pm

I think we all have the struggle of how to decorate because your tastes and needs change over time but it costs too much to start over all the time. Especially with Pinterest there are more ideas and possibilities then ever and we can get hung up on execution. I do have to agree with the ladies above. I like your living room and also completely neglected to remember you have green carpet. Jenna of course had great suggestions! I think you can add accent colors in the pillows to change up the color scheme a bit (think deep red or the sky blue color shown in one of your Pinterest pics). Maybe a mirror or clock on the wall next to the window? Of course painting an accent wall will really change the feel of the room (cheap thing to do).


Kim July 31, 2012 at 2:29 pm

Thanks Tiff! Great ideas! I really do blame a lot of this stress on Pinterest. :)
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Jenny July 30, 2012 at 4:09 pm

I confess, my first thought when you mentioned your green carpet was: she has a GREEN carpet? How did I miss this?? Alas, this just goes to show how little your carpet actually dominates your living room. I think you havea gorgeous living room (and no, I’m not just saying that). I’ve always thought it looks so cozy and open, especially with the gorgeous couch and amazing light it gets from all of the windows (take this from someone whose apartment has a grand total of ONE window…overlooking the driveway). In short, I would happily trade living rooms with you and think you deserve much more credit than you give yourself :)

My highlight of my day thus far has been the gratitude one of my fitness clients showed me for helping her get through a super stressful week without binging every day :)


Kim July 31, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Thanks Jenny! That does make me feel better!

Yay for successful clients!! Good for you and her. :)
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Jenna Whiting July 30, 2012 at 3:48 pm

P.S. I noticed in all of the pictures of living rooms everything remained the same… neutral. I also noticed that all of the living rooms have varying degrees of texture. Everything from Rattan (you could get a basket to hold throw blanets) Raw wood accents (a side table) Leather (accent “dad” chair?) Natural rugs– You could get a short weave type rug (59.99 at Ikea) and chevron the crap out of it in natural tones. Add some navy accent throw pillows, which would stablize the green carpet, and find some glass pieces to accent. I see a glass lamp, mirrors, glass doors, etc. Target has some really great well-shaped lamp bases in glass. Maybe get one of those and find a shade you are really in love with. Perhaps make that a Pinterest project. Anyway, Kim, your house is lovely. I enjoy it immensely. I always have to tell myself (and Shane) one step at a time. Then we we are comparing a really expensive bathtub kit to a not so expensive one, we always say the same thing. Let’s wait until our forever house and I think yours is waiting in Minneapolis. ;)


Kim July 30, 2012 at 4:08 pm

Thank you, Jenna!! I never thought of navy or glass…you’re a genius! (Nothing new there.) I really do love neutrals and interesting textures, so you nailed that one. And you’re right, I need to wait for my “forever house” (at which point you’ll be coming over to assess before I buy a single thing!) but I’m also trying to find something I can be happy with until then.

P.S. We actually do have an ottoman…you’ll see it’s sort of attached to the end of the couch right now. I always worry that those ottoman trays are wobbly, but they do look nice. I might have to play around with that…
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Jenna Whiting July 30, 2012 at 3:40 pm

Am I the only one that thinks your living room looks darling?

Let’s look at the positives…

For starters, that couch has got to be one of the most comfortable things I have sat in. The color is neutral and the shape is ideal. Moving onto the coffee table… it goes with everything! The various colors in the tile not only compliments the neutrals in your LR, but it adds a focal point, a room anchor if you will. Bonus for being able to wipe it up and call it a day… now, when the time comes for a new(er) coffee table, because I would suggest keeping this one for your outdoor accent piece, I would suggest a large tufted ottoman, round, square, you pick. I would then put a decorative tray of some sort on the top to hold the remotes, drinks, crap like that. I could send you a picture of our carpet in the bedrooms but I would hate to give you nightmares. The point is, your carpet is actual decent. I am taking color, shape, stain-free, the works. Less is always more, and you, my friend, have mastered the ideal.


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