The Most Versatile Centerpiece Ever

by Kim on November 29, 2012

I never thought I’d be one of those people who customizes all of her house decor for each season/holiday. Like, redoing the fireplace mantel decor for Christmas, then spring, then fall, or putting a new wreath on the door every few months. I can barely decorate my house as it is-much less redecorate it several times a year without even hating what I had originally.

That’s not to say I don’t loooove the ideas I see on Pinterest, and the things other people do. One of our neighbors does cool “scenes” on their front porch-they had hay bales and pumpkins for fall and, now, there’s an old-fashioned sled leaning up against the house next to a small pine tree and some presents that light up at night. It’s amazing. (For a split second, I had the genius idea of putting poinsettias on our front step for Christmas…until I remembered, flowers + winter = bad. Oh yeah…)

But there is one single thing in my house that I might get into the habit of changing regularly.

And this is only because it’s so easy, even I would have to go out of my way to mess it up.

Behold: the most versatile centerpiece ever.

IMG_2114 This is sitting on an ottoman tray in our living room. The pieces are from Pottery Barn, where I typically don’t allow myself to shop ($$!), but I just couldn’t find anything I liked better and figured this was basic and sturdy enough to last a long time. Plus, the bark was on sale for something like $2. (<-Justification)

I like that since the ottoman tray has a ledge around it, this is even fairly child-proof. (Mase can’t really reach it when standing there, and even if he could, it’s super heavy, so the best he could do is maybe push it around a little.)

Anyway, I decided I wanted to change this up for Christmas. I was inspired by this image from (duh) Pinterest:

First, I went on a hunt for fake cranberries (I read that the real ones only last about a week). I called three different craft stores, and all three acted like “do you have any fake cranberries?” was the most ridiculous thing anyone had ever asked them. The first person just gave me a quick, curt no, like she thought it was a prank, and the other two asked a few puzzled questions (“like…not on a branch or anything?”) before “checking” and coming up empty-handed.

And that’s how I ended up at Pottery Barn, again. (How hard was that?)

After removing the bark and orange candle, I poured in a little table salt “snow” (I probably should have used epsom or sea salt for the bigger crystals, but didn’t have any on hand-next year!) and added the berries with a white candle.

Two minutes into the project (my ideal time frame), I was done!


Now I’m thinking: tiny Easter eggs for spring, red/white/blue jelly bean layers for the 4th of July…

It’s probably just a matter of time before I’ll be redoing the fireplace mantel. (My poor husband’s heart just sank.)

While we’re on the subject, have you seen all the cute Pinterest idea for using cookie cutters in holiday decor? Like these:

Cookie cutter ornaments…

Cookie cutter wreath…

Cookie cutters on ribbons (you can hang these from a curtain rod)…

Cookie cutter brownies…

Cookie cutter stuffed ornaments…

Are you trying out any new holiday decor ideas this year?


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