The Spicy Meal Spree

by Kim on March 11, 2012

Last night, hubby and I made a trip out to Babies R Us to make some final pre-baby purchases (things like mattress covers, breast pads, a swing, and these super-soft muslin aden+anais swaddling blankets I’ve been drooling over ever since Gina turned me on to them–note that they are available for much cheaper at Target and BBRU). So I was finally able to check everything off my “To Get For Baby” list, which (despite what my last post suggested) makes me 100% officially ready for baby. (Well, let’s be honest…who’s ever 100% ready? I’ll probably come home from the hospital with a whole new “Why Didn’t I Get” list. So…maybe 98.9% ready.)

After the shopping expedition (which hubby handled pretty well, to his credit), we treated ourselves to some Mexican food at Loredo’s. Because that’s what you do on a Saturday night when you’re 9 months pregnant. I got the tamale+stuffed chile+chalupa combo, and it was amazing.

But most importantly: it was spicy.

I’m not saying I buy into all the wives’ tales about how to jumpstart labor. I’m not going out of my way to do weird specific exercises, drink raspberry leaf tea, or eat eggplant. But I’ve heard the spicy food thing several times (anecdotally rather than via Google, which is 1000x more powerful), and since hubby loves him some spicy food, I’m thinking…why not?

So this week, week 39 of my pregnancy, I’m launching the Spicy Meal Spree. These is a lineup of some of our favorite hot/buffalo-sauce-involving meals, all of which I plan to serve this week. They aren’t mind-blowingly hot or anything, but they do have a little kick. Maybe just enough to kick this baby out of his comfort zone?

The lineup includes:

If nothing has happened by the end of this week, we’re off to Quaker Steak and Lube for their triple atomic wings (just kidding…not that desperate).

To be clear, many many sources (like this one or this one) assure us that spicy food does NOT make women go into labor. Well, sure. Fine. But sometimes when you’re 39 weeks pregnant and a control freak, you just need something proactive to do, successful or not. So please just let me take my nightly shot of Frank’s and go along my way.

(Just kidding about the Frank’s.)


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