Treadmill Date Night

by Kim on February 5, 2013

Well well well…(<—creepy intro) here we are on week 4 of the Salute to Simple challenge. Almost done!!

Today’s all about minimalism.

STS week 4

Minimalism doesn’t have to look like this:


Or this:


Those images are pretty extreme.

But how would you describe them?





…Those are the real goals.

(Also, modern, of course. That’s where the extreme part comes from.)

At its core, minimal = void of clutter. Aka clean.

And that includes decorative clutter. (I’m looking at you, cluster of picture frames on a table.)

I feel like most of the rooms in our house are actual pretty minimalized.

Except my office…which, really, just needed to be cleaned.





Not hard. Not time-consuming. Just not prioritized.

And such a payoff!

Things to do:

–Pretend you’re selling your house. How would you redo each room to make it show the best? People who are house-hunting like clean, simple, and functional.

–Clear off flat surfaces, except for maybe a few decorative things. Put it in drawers, get rid of it…just get it out of sight.

–Ditch busy patterns like flowers and checkers. They’re visual clutter.

–Consider removing some furniture to create space and openness.

–Don’t be afraid to leave things bare. Like walls.

I used to agonize about what I should put on this wall in our living room:


A ginormous piece of artwork? A photo gallery?

Then, one day, I thought: what if I put nothing there? (*Angels singing.*)

I’ve never been so happy with one of my own decorating decisions.

The room looks cleaner, and—surprise bonus—bigger.

–Lastly, read this article, which talks about these tips and several more. (Just beware the vortex of links at the bottom…you might get stuck reading about zen for HOURS.)

Happy house-calming!

And NOW, a question for you:

What are you up to tonight? How about a treadmill/tweet date??

The 2 HOUR premiere of Smash starts tonight at 8 PM central, and I plan to watch the entire thing ON THE TREADMILL. (I won’t be running the whole time, but I’ll be ON the thing.)

I’ll also be LIVE TWEETING the whole time. Join me on Twitter (@healthy_nest) to see how it goes! Even better if you can find a treadmill.

Otherwise, stop by tomorrow for a recap.

Crap, now I’m nervous…


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Samantha February 5, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Oh I so need to do this for my whole house :) thanks for the tips!
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