Update on Post-Baby Running

by Kim on June 16, 2012

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks around here. We’ve been traveling on the weekends and I’ve started watching a friend’s baby during the week. As it turns out, caring for two babies all day leaves little time for much else (such as blogging!).

It’s also been extremely challenging to get my training workouts in. I knew this was going to happen, to some extent, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be quite this hard. For one thing, I’ve discovered that working out during the day while watching two babies is out of the question. Their nap schedules would need to align perfectly to give me at least an hour-long window, and that just isn’t happening. When they are miraculously sleeping at the same time, I’m usually either running around doing housework, shoveling a quick lunch down my throat, prepping dinner, or getting a shower in. I’m also always super aware of the possibility that one of them could wake up at any moment…and God forbid that I’m in the middle of a TurboFire DVD when that happens!! (ha)

So workout time often gets pushed to the evenings. The challenges with that are:

  • Hubby gets home around 6/6:30 if he goes to the gym after work. At that point, I’m exhausted from the day and ready for some family time. I’m never eagerly lacing up my running shoes.
  • Mason goes to bed around 8, but his bedtime routine (bath/eat/read book/rock) starts up to an hour earlier. Then, sometimes he’ll wake up a few times after going down before he really falls into a deep sleep. By then, it’s getting dark out and is often too late for an outdoor run. Plus, we often haven’t even eaten dinner yet by then.
  • Sometimes I’m just too dead tired in the evening, and can’t fathom a 3-mile treadmill run.
  • By the time I’ve gotten the baby to bed, cleaned up dinner, etc, it’s sometimes 9:30 PM, which seems way too late to start working out.

So I’m doing my best, focusing on doing what I can and not getting too down on myself. I had no idea what to expect going into this training plan, so I’m taking it all in stride.

I still plan to run a half marathon in August. I might not PR, but I still feel confident that I’ll finish. After all..


Besides actually finding the time to run, there have been some other challenges with getting back into running post-baby. Like… (warning: TMI incoming!):

  • There is a definite, uh, connection between pregnancy and incontinence. Especially when doing plyometrics in one’s basement.
  • I have to double-sports-bra the girls to keep them under the control now. This would probably be less of a hassle if I owned more than 2 sports bras…
  • My lady parts hurt during workouts. The interwebs have told me that this is probably because my pelvic floor is still weak from giving birth, and there are special exercises I can do to strengthen it (beyond the standard Kegels). More on this later (aren’t you excited???).
  • I’m pretty sure my feet grew during pregnancy, so my running shoes are now on the tight side. Oh well–according to this article about how often running shoes should be replaced, I’m due for a new pair anyway.

I did get a good HIIT + sprints combo in today, which was encouraging. One of my favorite sprinting songs is Major Tom by Shiny Toy Guns:

I love the beat, and I usually break into a sprint at the chorus, which is conveniently preceded by a countdown: “4, 3, 2, 1…” Perfect!

I did 4 sprints today: 2 at 8.0 and 2 at 9.0 on the treadmill. They were 1 minute long each and separated by about 2 minutes of walking at 4.0. I was feeling good by the end of it!

Stuff I’m Digging Right Now

1. Cake Batter Protein Shake. I need to make this ASAP (Katie is a genius!):

Source: dashingdish.com via Alex on Pinterest


2. No-bake Energy Bites. Or as we call them, just “balls.” These have been saving my life lately, when I’m starving but don’t have time to prepare actual food just yet (typically, because I’m feeding a baby). My latest batch included chopped dried cherries, in addition to my usual gobs of chocolate chips.

3. Healthy Make-Ahead Egg McMuffin Copycats. Another gotta-try.


4. How to make sure you’re drinking your H20 for the day. I’ve been noticing that I haven’t been drinking as much water as I did when I was working, mostly because I just don’t think of it until I’m thirsty. But I know I need tons of water as a breastfeeding mama.

Source: repinly.com via Alex on Pinterest


I’ll close with an obligatory baby pic. :) The little dude is 3 months old already!

Sausage legs!

Have a great weekend!


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