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by Kim on February 21, 2012

Well, it’s President’s Day! Another insignificant holiday that my husband and several others inexplicably have off, while I sit in my office and pout. :) I wouldn’t even know about these holidays if it weren’t for furniture store commercials.

Luckily, hubby having the day off meant I got a lunch date at work. My work cafeteria actually has notoriously delicious food, and a surprisingly unique salad bar. Today, I built a massive, shockingly random salad creation that involved pickled beets, seasoned tofu, tiny dried apricots, fresh mozza balls, peas, oven-roasted turkey, and marinated asparagus bites, all doused in Green Goddess dressing. It was embarrassingly tall and teetered on a tiny little plate (the bigger plates are double the price)…and then I started eating it and it began to migrate shamefully all over my tray.

Luckily, I already convinced my husband to marry me, so basic table manners aren’t quite as critical.


Anyway, it’s that time again! Here’s the week’s Top 10!


1) Top Shoe Craving

I’m actually not really a big shoe person, but these are pretty droolishous. Although I’d probably be about 6′ 2″ in them and have to do the weird half-squat thing when taking pictures with people. Eh, small price to pay (in addition to the undoubtedly sick actual price tag on these babies, which I will live my life blissfully never knowing). Luckily, I have a super tall husband, so shoes like these just make me look more normal-sized when standing next to him.

2) Top DIY

What a good idea! An herb garden is definitely on my To Do list for this summer. (Baby steps. I’m not quite ready for a full-on garden yet.)

3) Top Awwww

Everyone knows that tiny animals in tiny drinking containers are a foolproof cute-inducing strategy.

Although…you think he’s stressed out in there? I wonder what he’s thinking. Probably something along the lines of: “Ah-ha! My ancestors spoke of giant creatures who surrounded them with invisible walls and flashed bright lights in their faces. I can only hope that I, too, will live to tell my story…regardless, I will soon poop in here.”


4) Top FBIT (Funny Because It’s True )

I’m only cooking for two and I already feel this pressure! It’s kinda depressing that each incredible culinary masterpiece only gets you off the hook for…one day. And it doesn’t matter how amazing your meal was, the leftovers are always on roughly the same level of mediocre to sub-mediocre.

5) Top If Only

When you can’t decide whether you’re in the mood for a bath or a shower. And also, you’re loaded and live in an unrealistically pristine and private location.

6) Top Funny Break

If you got it, flaunt it. Ha!

7) Top Brilliant Idea I Wouldn’t Have Thought of in a Million Years

White crates as shelves in a bathroom. Very beach-house-y but chic. Genius!

This registers at about a 5/10 on the DIY Difficulty Meter, which means it might be (just barely) in my skill zone.

8) Top Quote

I just love this. An important thing to remember. Coming from someone who apologizes to clients and coworkers at work for things 100% out of my control all day long…it’s amazing the immediate shift in mood it causes.

9) Top Foodie Moment

Chai tea s’mores. Someday, these will happen in my kitchen. And then I will wrap twine around them and deliver them to people who will marvel at my homemaking prowess.

Or, I’ll just salivate a little bit and then go see if we have any chai tea (we don’t).

10) Top Nook

I think I’m a little obsessed with nooks. Well, here’s another one! So cute.

Although…I’m very dependent on my nightstand, and having the ability to exit my bed on either side (in case of emergency, like things emerging from under the bed and grabbing my feet as they hang over the side).

I’m also envisioning this awkward scenario where you have this in your guest bedroom, you accidentally leave the curtains drawn, and your guests, not seeing a bed, awkwardly sleep on the floor rather than ask you why the $%&# there’s no bed in this room. What did you think was behind the curtain, a window?? Silly.

Happy Monday!



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