Well, I feel sheepish…

by Kim on August 16, 2012

So, yes. My plans for jumping back into the whole postpartum running thing might have been a little too aggressive.

Good thing I decided not to print out my training plan and put little X’s on it, because it would have more boxes without X’s than with X’s. Full disclosure: I blew the plan BIG time. I’ve been running…here and there, when the conditions were perfect…but I have not completed a run of more than 7 miles this entire summer. Nor have I done half of the HIIT or strength training I was hoping to do.

But honestly, I don’t feel bad about it. I had no idea what to expect during these past months, and therefore, anything that happened was perfectly within the realm of my expectations. And what happened was: life got in the way. Fitting in workouts was hard. Finding any time for myself at all was (is) hard. And it took me a lot longer to recover from birth than I expected-not to mention how long it took to get comfortable with running again after recovering.

I’m not a slave to running, and I refuse to become resentful of it, so I didn’t push it that hard. And I’m fine with that.

Which leads me to the half marathon I’m supposed to run this weekend.

I’ve finally decided to run the 5K on Saturday instead of the half marathon. It was a tough decision. My brain was pushing hard for the half-it was all “come on, you only have to do it ONE TIME!” I know that running on race day is different than running on a treadmill in your basement-the added adrenaline and peer pressure make you do things you didn’t know you could do. And many, many people before me have completed races successfully on way less training than they’d intended (and after having babies).

But ultimately, I decided this wasn’t my race.

Like I said, life got in the way.

Case in point: Last Night.

I was totally going to run last night when Brent got home.

Then, about an hour before that was supposed to happen, I decided to let Mason try some of the new Ella’s baby food I’d gotten him at Target a few days earlier. I was SO excited about these-they’re all-organic purees of interesting flavor combos. Perfect for traveling or just having on hand for when you don’t feel like baking or steaming veggies or peeling fruit.

I got these:

baby food 2

And took a picture of a bunch of others so I could steal the combo ideas and recreate them myself at home. Smile

baby food

I know you’re supposed to try one new food at a time with your baby and wait 4 days before introducing anything new, in case the baby reacts to it.

I know that.

But he’s loved the sweet potato, avocado, and banana I’ve given him so far and we’ve had no problems…I guess it just seemed harmless. So I gave him a little taste of the broccoli, pear, and pea combo.

30 minutes later, this happened:

mason rash

He broke out in hives all over his face and neck. I felt like the worst mom on the planet. Brent had to rush to Walgreens to get some children’s Benadryl, while Mason scratched at his poor swelling tomato face and I beat myself up.

A half an hour after getting the medicine, he was good as new, thank God. I fed him and rocked him to sleep, and there seemed to be no hard feelings.

So we now know that Mason’s allergic to broccoli, pears, OR peas…but which one? Yeah, I’ve definitely learned my lesson about baby food. Bad, bad mom.

Oh, and of course, that run? Did not happen. Along with the medicine, Brent brought home chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream…so I did that instead. Hey, it was a traumatic night.

Anyway. Ever since I made the decision to go for the 5K, not only have my stress levels plummeted, but I’ve been getting increasingly excited about it. It’ll be my first 5K ever. Since it’s so short, I won’t need to hold back or pace myself really…I’m just gonna run my butt off.

AND I signed up for the Zooma Great Lakes Half Marathon in Lake Geneva in October, so I’ll get another chance at the half soon enough.

I’ll let ya know how it goes!


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