What I Did This Labor Day

by Kim on September 4, 2012

BBQs, camping, a zoo trip, and a boat outing!!

…These are just a handful of the things I did not do this Labor Day weekend.

Not that I typically have wild adventures on LD…but this time, I really really didn’t. We didn’t even go to a park, for crying out loud. Instead, we were all, “what should we do for Labor Day? Let’s LABOR!”

(PS I was thinking earlier about how totally punny and hilarious it must have been for all the women IN LABOR on Labor Day. I wonder who loved it more-the moms, the dads, the nurses, or the doctors?-and who cringed at every irritating reference all day long. I’m going to go with the laboring moms in the role of Cringers…for whatever reason…)

Anyway. Instead of grilling brats and playing flip cup in our backyard (to be clear: those days are NOT behind us), we spent the weekend turning this…


living room real

Remember how I was crying you a river about this room and you wanted to shake me? Same photo!
Careful, don’t stare too long-the ugliness can cause permanent eye damage.

…Into THIS!

living rm

Well, technically we just painted, but I also removed several of the pieces of the old living room that I hated. And I still have lots of work to do in here! We have a new rug on the way (this one is so cheap it literally crunches when you walk on it), I have big plans for the wall behind the couch, I’m saving up for a sweet arch lamp to put in that back corner behind the couch, and I’m planning to find a different centerpiece for the ottoman tray eventually. Plus, there are a few changes needed in the part of the room you can’t see in that picture.

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked that we finally got this done. We’d been wanting to paint this room since the day we moved in (*cough* 2 years ago *cough*), but were super intimidated by the incredibly high ceiling.

Which, I’ll be honest, was a little scary…

scary I had to go up 2 more steps to actually paint up there.
Hm. I swear it was scarier than it looks…

And of course, I agonized over the color choice for a couple days. I was nervous the dark color would make the room look like a cave-not ideal, considering it’s our living room and is supposed to be cozy and inviting-but crossed my fingers that the good lighting we get through the windows in there would suffice. I was also nervous that the brown wouldn’t go with our black furniture, but lots of Google research led me to believe that the whole black/brown faux pas thing was more for fashion than interior decorating (and not even fashion anymore, really).

So brown it is (“Ancient Earth” from Behr if you’re curious), and I love it! The dark color comes off as dramatic and cooling, and the brown/black combo actually looks pretty high-end.

A couple more shots of the process…

badgers Taping and watching the Badger game!

trim My super patient husband, who puts up with all my decorating anxiety and didn’t make one negative comment all weekend. Love you!



Luckily, LUCKILY, this guy was incredibly patient too. He spent a lot of time in his Jumperoo, watching his favorite TV show.
(I know, I know, 5-month-olds are not supposed to have favorite TV shows…but he seriously LOVES Mickey. And, yes, it really comes in handy at times like these.)


Did anyone else tackle a nagging home project this weekend?

Know anyone who was in labor on Labor Day? If so, please ask about the joke thing and get back to me. Puh-lease.

Have a great week!


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