What Not to Do to People on TV

by Kim on April 27, 2012

Confession: since I’ve been home on maternity leave, I’ve been watching a loooot of TV. I’m not super proud of it, but there it is. (Confession Part II: the other day I realized I’d been watching an infomercial for a PILLOW for over 15 minutes.)

To be fair, I’m only actually watching maybe 10% of the time (usually reserved for the Today show). The rest of the time, it’s just nice to have some background noise and adult human voices in the room to spare me from the constant piercing sound of my own baby talk.

Side note: I’ve noticed that when you talk to babies, you have to say everything at least twice. You can’t just say “Are you a good baby?” You have to say “Are you a good baby? ARE YOU A GOOD BABY?” and sometimes you’ll even top it off with another “ARE YOU?!?” Poor babies…if only they could talk. They’re probably dying to say “YES, maniacal adult with super exaggerated facial expressions, I heard you the first time. And what kind of a stupid question is that, ‘Are you a good baby?’ That’s all you can think of to say to me? Please.”

Anyway. Back to TV. Besides the Today show, the other show I’ll actually devote some real attention to is What Not to Wear. It’s an amazing show and I’m not ashamed.

But as much as I legitimately love the show, I have a few bones to pick with it. I just have to get these off my chest.

  • The central thesis of the show is that the best way to dress in a way that flatters you is to find clothes that fit YOU perfectly. And when clothes off the rack don’t fit you perfectly, you should get them tailored to your body. Well, since clothes off the rack probably don’t fit 90% of the population perfectly, are all of us supposed to get every piece of clothing in our closets tailored? Who can afford that?
  • The hair stylist is obsessed with chopping women’s hair off and making them cry. Why is his first instinct always to cut off dramatic amounts of hair, despite the women’s pleading requests to “do whatever you want but keep the length“? I’ve never seen him just leave a woman’s long hair long. Why can’t women with long hair be chic and fashionable too?? (Obviously…I have long hair. So it’s become personal.)
  • Do Stacy and Clinton have to be THAT mean? I know it’s their shtick, but they’re critiquing clothes that the women actually purchased, wear, and (presumably) like. I’m always surprised when the women seem to take it so well (or maybe the crying and defensive rebuttals are all just edited out?).
  • Related to the last point, I’m always surprised that the women seem to take it so well that they’re even on the show. This means that their family and friends had to submit them as a candidate, which means they’ve all been secretly thinking about how ridiculous the woman’s wardrobe is for who knows how long. How humiliating! And on top of it all, the show secretly tapes the woman running around in various horrifying outfits, and then gathers all the friends and family in a room to watch the footage, berate the wearer, and just generally laugh at her to her face. Since many of these women have self esteem issues to begin with, which is why they dress the way they do, why is all of this ok?? (I know, I know, it makes for good TV…but I still think it sucks.)

Am I alone on this??

(Thanks for your patience–rant over!)

Tracking Eats

I don’t plan on becoming a blogger who posts pictures of everything she eats. For one thing, I’m not motivated enough (it’s a lot of work to keep up with all that photography!). I’m also a very repetitive eater, so my posts would end up being largely identical, and no one wants to read that.

However, I know that tracking what you eat can be a huge motivator for weight loss, and in addition to doing that, I’m hoping that posting some of what I eat might help motivate me to eat things I’ll be proud to post. So here goes!

Yesterday (oh who am I kidding…every day this week) I had this amazing salad for lunch. Toppings included goat cheese, strawberries, shredded leftover rotisserie chicken, and carrots.

I wasn’t sure how the carrots would jive with the strawberries, especially since I was also adding a strawberry poppyseed dressing. But they actually (luckily) didn’t add a ton in the flavor department and instead just added the perfect amount of crunch. So I officially highly recommend adding chopped carrots to your salads, regardless of what else you have in there!




A great read: 45 Foods to Make and Never Buy Again. Using coffee to make barbecue sauce? Avocado for pudding? Black beans for brownies?? My mind is BLOWN.



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