What’s So Great about the Great PB?

by Kim on March 7, 2012

I got an email at work the other day about a peanut butter drive for the local food pantry. Did I have old jars of PB lying around that I’d like to part with? Maybe I’d bought a jar of creamy a millennium ago when all I really eat is extra crunchy?

But wait…a peanut butter drive? We’ve never done anything so…specific…before.

Apparently, there is a looming PB shortage in this country. Gaah! Can you imagine? What would all the bloggers put in their smoothies and overnight oats?? How would we make PBJs, PBBs (PB + banana), PB(X)s (PB + anything), or any of these recipes? How would we make peanut butter cups, like Mama Pea’s or Kristin’s? (To be fair, I haven’t actually made either of those…but how would I continue to think about making them???)

As you might notice, peanut butter is an extremely popular food item in the blogosphere. I mean people go cuh-raaazy about this stuff–they eat it before & after workouts, they name their blogs after it (a la Peanut Butter Fingers), and they shamelessly blog about eating it off the spoon (!!). It’s kind of a big deal.

Sometimes, admittedly, I mindlessly accept trends I see on healthy blogs as fact. If the bloggers are eating it, it must be good! But every now and then, I have to force myself to stop and think: wait. Why is this so great exactly? Isn’t peanut butter it still pretty heavy on the fat and cals?

I did a little research to make sure my understanding of The Great PB’s many positive traits was on track. Yes, there is fat, but it’s the GOOD fat (heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, that is). And PB also comes stocked with impressive amounts of protein + fiber: two of the healthy eater’s BFFs. It can decrease your risk of getting some not-so-cool diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and it helps lower cholesterol. (CNN even called it #1 in the 5 foods that should be in your diet.)

But it sounds like the most important trait of peanut butter is this: it feels naughty and indulgent, which helps keep us from feeling deprived. And a little bit goes a long way in the filling-you-up department, so you’re not nosing around in the fridge again an hour later like you are after eating a rice cake.

Something new I learned: don’t waste your $ on reduced-fat peanut butter. Here’s why (under It’s Got the Good Fat).

So stock up, folks! This shortage stuff is a rumor you don’t want to risk.

Because what would you do if, one day, the shelves were inexplicably barren right after your kid had (also inexplicably) wiped out your peanut butter supply??




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