Why eBay Is My Friend

by Kim on September 13, 2012

I had a massive mom moment yesterday. I was at the post office with Mase (who was due for both food and a nap, but I was crossing my fingers that I could squeeze in this one last errand). I had just tediously and painstakingly assembled and addressed 6 (SIX!) different packages (more on why in a second), holding him through the entire process because he’d been fussing and writhing in his carseat. (Btw it’s not easy writing on things when a baby is sitting right next to you constantly grabbing at the pen like a cat.)

Then, it was time to haul everything to the counter to get checked out. I plopped M back into his carseat, shoved all the packages into Target bags, strapped them onto my arm, grabbed the carseat in the other, and headed for the line (and it was a long one).

That’s when Mase decided to melt down.

I could see myself through everyone else’s eyes sooo clearly. Frazzled young mom, baby crying, arms full of packages, at the end of a long line (but who would want to let me cut? I had SIX things to mail!). Oh, and other than the crying, it was DEAD QUIET in there.

So when I finally got to the front of the line and was asked “Any liquids?,” I pictured the little bottle of olive oil in box #2 squarely in my mind and said “Nope!” (I don’t even know what happens-probably absolutely nothing-but I was in no condition to find out. Plus, ehhh would we call oil a liquid??)

I’m not a good liar, even white liar, so I think I blushed and looked down when I said it.

Anyway! The reason I’m bringing this whole story up is actually to tell you about the packages themselves. Here’s the back story: after we painted our living room over Labor Day weekend, I decided we desperately needed  a new lamp. I fell in love with this one:


But when I asked Brent if I could buy it, his response was…noncommittal. (It wasn’t that expensive, but it wasn’t cheap either.)

So I decided I was going to earn the money by selling stuff on eBay. My closet yielded some promising results: a bunch of maternity sweaters I’d never really worn (because, hello, you’re pregnant, it’s hot enough…the term “maternity sweater” should not exist!), some random “going out” tops from my going out days, a few things that had never really fit me right, and this leather jacket:


…which, let’s be honest, I never really had much business owning. (And probably have a negative amount of business owning now.) I’d gotten it super discounted (75% off somehow) from Macy’s a few years ago, but it was a good brand, so I posted it at a modest starting price, with a completely laughable Buy It Now price (about double what I actually paid).

A couple days later, it had been viewed upwards of 80 times, and around the 5th day, someone ACTUALLY BOUGHT IT for the Buy It Now price. I was floored.

Basically, I ended up with an even exchange, jacket for lamp, and had moolah left over from my other sales to fund the rug I’d *cough* already purchased *cough*.

So now I’m poking around the house, picking things up and thinking “can I sell this??” It might be the most financially beneficial high you can get.


In other news, Women’s Health just released their list of the 125 best/most nutritious packaged foods for 2012 (partial list here). It’s so awesome to see all of the tasty-looking, good for you, and also packaged (sometimes that seems like a swear word) food that’s available these days. I haven’t read the article yet (since the only way to do that appears to be physically going and buying the magazine-oh yeah! That’s how magazines work) but from what I’ve seen, I’m interested in these:


boom chicka Did you say “sweet” popcorn? I’m in.

brownie cakes

peas of mind
Veggie “fries.” Cautiously interested…

sweet pots Sweet potato = can’t go wrong.


That’s right: plain old lettuce is NOT HEALTHY ENOUGH folks!

I’ll let you know if there are any other gems in the full version, should I ever own it!

Have you ever gone on an eBay selling spree?

Found any interesting new packaged foods lately?

(And/or do you own a September issue of Women’s Health that you’d like to photocopy for me? Just kidding!!)


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Jenny September 13, 2012 at 9:56 am

Ahhh, I *love* that jacket!! Jealous of whoever scored it :)

On another note, I very highly recommend the new sweet potato Popchips. Riiiiidiculous!


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