Wallace and Gromit Would Never Give Up Cheese (and I’m starting to see why)

by Kim on October 9, 2012

Woah. Hard to believe the Zooma Great Lakes Half Marathon is less than two weeks away!

Coupla things I’m looking forward to:

1) Staying at the Abbey, a pretty lakeside resort (where the race expo will also be held)…


2) Attending a pre-race mocktail party with one of my bloggy idols, SkinnyRunner (as in, she’ll be there, not that we’re going TOGETHER…although if everything goes as planned, we’ll be BFFs by the end of the weekend)…


3) Hopefully, running a nice little race in nice fall-y weather…


4) Possibly MOST IMPORTANTLY, enjoying all the sweet perks from Zooma!


Wine and shopping and massages, oh my!


Despite good intentions-seriously, REALLY good ones-I didn’t get my long run in this past weekend (sigh). We were out of town for hubby’s 10-year high school reunion, and although there were beautiful long bike trails at my disposal AND I’d gone through the trouble of packing all my running gear (including warm and cool outfits for various weather conditions, shoes, iPod, phone belt AND water belt), there was just never a great time to say “Ok, bye parents-in-law I rarely see and cranky, teething baby-this should only take a few hours!”

Oh well. I blame the kid. (Ok, fine, I blame myself…but the kid does complicate these things a teensy bit.)

Like I said, Mase has been cranky and *I think* teething…although the symptoms of teething and ear infections overlap a lot, so it’s hard to tell which one it is for sure. Let’s just say yesterday was a LOOONG day (that ended in beer + chocolate), and I’m nervous about what today holds. I’m keeping an eye out for any more distinct ear infection red flags.

In other news, I wanted to give a little update on the dairy-free diet thing. I’ve gotten pretty used to it now-the milk-avoidance is happening pretty naturally and I’m getting really confident in my label-reading skills. Plus, most importantly, Mason’s nasty old symptoms have stayed under control. However, I feel bad that my new diet is affecting other people (for example, my mom and mother-in-law haveĀ  had to adjust recipes to make them dairy-free for me) and I’m starting to get restless with my limited menu.

At first, I was excited to explore this new lifestyle, seeing it as an interesting challenge, and I was thrilled to find gobs of dairy-free/vegan blogs and recipes online. It all seemed very doable, and I was excited to see what health benefits I might experience myself as a side benefit.

But being the girl with the weird diet is starting to get a little old. And, dangit, I’m starting to miss cooking with cheese.

wallaceWallace and Gromit couldn’t fathom the vegan lifestyle.


ortho Or orthodontics.

Side note: I used to look forward to babysitting for a certain family when I was younger because their kids were allowed to watch W&G episodes, and I secretly LOVED it. That stays between us.

Anyway. When I start daydreaming about cheese and old kids’ shows, it helps for me to take a step back and remind myself of the health benefits (proven, anecdotal, or just hypothesized-about) of going dairy-free, including:

  • Potentially lowered risk for lots of diseases, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and ovarian and prostate cancer
  • Fewer migraine headaches
  • Weight loss
  • Less acne
  • Improvement of symptoms of IBS, Crohn’s disease, and other tummy troubles
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Increased energy
  • Improved well being (general awesomeness)

Quite a resume, right? I can definitely say that I’ve experienced a reduction in headaches, but that’s more likely due to the fact that I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for a few months now. And I haven’t lost any weight, but that’s probably because of all the chocolate and pumpkin beer I’ve been consuming recently…

But again, most importantly, my baby’s tummy is happier, and I’m doing a lot less laundry, which makes me happier.



Speaking of dairy-free babies…Emily over at Daily Garnish, who is also dairy-free (and vegetarian), recently wrote an interesting post about how she plans to handle weaning her son off breastmilk. (Typically, babies start drinking cow’s milk around a year, but this is obviously problematic for the D-free crowd.)

She’s thinking about giving her son goat milk instead of cow’s milk or one of the other non-animal milks like almond, rice, or coconut. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do (depending on whether Mason’s still allergic to cow’s milk at a year old), but the one option that definitely does NOT sound very appealing to me is extended breastfeeding (as in, breastfeeding until the baby is 2 or 3 years old)-just not for me! So I’m assuming we’ll have to decide on a milk alternative at some point.

My first question is: where do you even get goat’s milk?? I’ve never looked for it-is it available in your standard grocery store?

Hmm…time to research.


Of Possible Interest: October Awesomeness Campaigns!

–Fellow Madisonian writers/bloggers Christine and Adam Jeske are launching a campaign to live 31 Amazing Days on October. The plan is to try to notice or do something amazing every day in an attempt to live a life that does not suck. Check it out and get on board if you’re interested!

The Fitnessista wrote a great list of ways to make October amazing, including hosting a creepy movie night and picking a goal that scares you. (GET IT, SCARES)

–There are lots of strange holidays you can celebrate in October, apparently…including Come and Take It Day, Bald and Free Day, Moldy Cheese Day (?), and Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day (please…do not).

For Fun

Do this:


Here’s mine:


Much more useful than hay, at least. And wow, the owner is very excited to share it with me.

Also, woah #2, someone should go grab that protein powder ASAP!!!


What’s the best kids’ show of all time?


What’s your Craigslist zombie weapon and how confident are you about your chances of survival?



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